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POVPool Interview About Virtual Pool 4
There is video interview with Steve Chaplin about Virtual Pool 4 where he discusses features and some cool clips of in game play. There is also an interview about Steve's history.

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Leading iPhone Blog Review
" Top of the AppStore chart this week is Virtual Pool Mobile ...
I must say, I was pleasantly surprised, the controls feel intuitive and accurate. This accuracy combined with a simple menu system makes for easy and refreshing gameplay. "

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GameSpot Review.
" Better graphics, better ball physics, better online support, better single-player action ...
Bottom line: You can't find a pool sim that looks and plays as much like the real thing as Virtual Pool 3 [DL] does. "

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Softpedia Review
" Virtual Pool Mobile uses the iPhone’s touchscreen to enable the player to aim, apply spin to the cue ball, and shoot. The control system is perfect for fans of the genre ...
There’s a lot more to be said about Celeris’ Virtual Pool Mobile port, but you don’t need anyone telling you how good of a game it is. Just download VPM onto your device and see for yourself. Start with the Lite version and work your way up not only to the most powerful opponent, but to all the VPM players out there in Virtual Pool Online "

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SmartPhone & Pocket PC Magazine Finalist
Virtual Pool Mobile was chosen as a finalist in the SmartPhone Mag 2008 Best Software Awards.

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PocketNow Review
" Virtual Pool Mobile is so fun to play that it is sometimes hard to remember that it is more than just a pool game...it's a pool simulator. What's the difference? The shots you take in Virtual Pool Mobile take realistic paths. The game physics are true to life. "

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All About Symbian Review
" The [Virtual Pool Mobile] physics are incredible, as you'd expect from a game that's been perfected over years on other PDA platforms. You'll be playing exactly the same shots in Virtual Pool Mobile as you would on a real table, with the balls responding in the same way. Apply backspin or topspin and watch the way the cue ball moves, this is impressive stuff. "

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Smart Phone & Pocket PC Magazine, Awards List
  • 2004 Winner
  • 2005 Finalist
  • 2005 Finalist(Smartphone)
  • 2006 Finalist
  • 2006 Winner(Smartphone)
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  • 2008 Finalist(Smartphone)
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