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for Virtual Pool 3 DL - Windows Versions

Virtual Pool 3 DL runs on Windows 95 & XP & on newer Windows operating systems such as Vista & Win7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Questions and Answers

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Do I need to have administrator privileges to run the installation?
Yes, you should always install Virtual Pool 3 DL with an account that has administrative privileges.

I get a file corrupt error when trying to execute the VP3 installation. What should I do?
First try turning off your anti-virus software. It may be detecting something it does not like and removing it from the .exe file therefore causing the corruption message. Be sure to turn the anti-virus software back on once you have installed VP3 DL.

If you are still getting a corrupt message, uninstall and reinstall Virtual Pool 3 DL and try again.

I'm having problems running the installation exe. It's crashing or hanging when I run it. What should I do?
Some computers may have problems with the self-extracting installer. Run WinZip and open the file named "VP3.exe". Extract the contained files to a temporary directory manually, then run setup.

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