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for Virtual Pool Mobile, Android Version

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Are there different versions for the phone and tablet?
The phone and tablet version are the same install. The game will adapt to the resolution required to give you the best possible look and graphics for your device.

How to I get the best look and performance for my device?
The first time VPM runs on your Android it will run a performance test and do an automatic setting for the room graphics detail level. This is a best attempt to determine the correct setting for your device. But you may want to raise or lower the graphics detail by going to Settings menu (from either main menu or in game), and changing the Room Graphics setting.

The movies did not run or hung on finish on my device, what should I do?
Movies run on most devices but some may not be compatible. If moves do not work properly, or hang and never finish, the next time VPM is started it will automatically disable the movies by changing the Career Movies setting in the Settings menu to Disabled. You can manually turn on/off movies with this setting.

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