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for Virtual Pool Mobile, iPad Version

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When I start Virtual Pool Mobile it shows the "about" information screen, but then it goes back the the iPad Menu. What can I do?
You should restart your iPad after installing any game, including Virtual Pool Mobile. This gives the iPad system a chance to refresh itself and recognize any new installations. To restart your iPad, do the following:
  • Start by holding down the sleep/wake button of the iPad for a few seconds.
  • This will bring up a screen asking you to run the slider across the screen to turn off the iPad.
  • When you slide the slider to the right, a progress wheel will appear and in a second or two, the iPad will turn off.
  • To turn it back on again, just hold down the sleep/wake button again until the Apple icon appears on the screen and then wait for your iPad to start up.
If the game still will not load properly, contact iTunes to make sure there is not an error with your account. If problems continue, ask the 'Genius' at your local Apple store for help.

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